Calibration Services in the Aerospace and Medical Fields

As part of the upkeep of any device or equipment, calibration is needed. It is important to find the ideal company to measure the precise output of your instrument, so you can be assured that it is running both safely and efficiently.

At Quadrant Automated Services Inc, we have been providing expert, quality calibration services since 2015, serving clients in Southern California. Whether you need coordinate measuring machines (CMM) or Romer Arm calibration, we have you covered.

Our company takes pride in delivering quality work at affordable prices. We believe in giving our customers the best service possible to keep them competitive in their respective fields.

Our Mission

We strive to provide affordable, timely services to promote your company’s success.

Why Choose Us

Accessible Services

We are a mobile company. You can eliminate downtime and reduce transport risk if you take advantage of our service.

Competitive Prices

It is our aim to give you the best value for your money. We can provide the highest quality service for a fraction of the price.

Ensuring Promptness and Quality

You can count on us for fast and high-quality service. We have daytime and nighttime services.